Friday, November 22, 2013


A year ago I started a new program at my job which had me working crazy hours.  As a result I took a looooong hiatus from a lot of things I enjoy; my triathlon life suffered the longest pause.  This past race season I didn't participate in any races, though I did work at the Knoxville and Anderson Rev3 races.

Rev3 Knoxville Crew
Fast forward to today- we have moved to Durham, North Carolina, pressed the Ctrl+Alt+Del keys and are rebooting!  (which- ironic fact- was "invented" in Durham)

However, while I was on pause, the race season came and went and the 2014 Team Rev3 applications are piling in.  With all the stellar applications, I am constantly asking if I deserve to remain on the team after a year of zero racing?  Probably not, but thank goodness Rev3 is not all about race day or how good you are or how much/often/hard you train.  Rev3 is all about quality. Quality of Life, Quality of Relationships, Quality of Experience.  And Rev3 embodies QUALITY.

Rev3 "Family"- Anderson SC Crew & the kids of Rev3

Quality of Relationships
 If you've ever done a Rev3 race you know how much we cherish family.  What you might not know is that behind the scenes the staff is one big family- figuratively and literally.  Tim & Kelly and their 4 kiddos (bulldog too); Uncle Lenny, Charlie Sr., Debbie, Charlie Jr., and their whole family.  And the team has a wonderful, nurturing, Momma Bear, Carole Sharpless.  It is truly one big family.

Knoxville Glow Run 2013


Quality of Experience
Rev3 is not just a race day race organizer.  They are a race experience organizer.  From the 5k Glow Run, to the Saturday morning adventure race, to the family finish line, Rev3 is an experience like none other.
Venice Glow Run 2013

My Family Finish-line Photo
(yes, Kyle was reading a book at mile 6.1)

Quality of Life
 Rev3's Half Full race supports Ulman Cancer Fund.  Ulman Cancer Fund has been leading voice in the young adult cancer movement, working at a grassroots level to support, educate, connect and empower young adult cancer survivors.  When I first joined the team, Rev3 did Race Across America for Ulman Cancer Fund.  As a nonprofit executive, I was thrilled to be part of a team that also had a huge heart.

Once again, this year has seen an unprecedented number of applications for the team.  I am so grateful to be part of this crazy wonderful family/experience.  So you know how when you hit Ctrl+Alt+Del the "task manager" comes up and you can close certain programs so that others run more optimally?  That's what I'm doing.  Ending tasks that do not allow me to optimize my life experience.  

I belong to the best triathlon team in the nation and I'm not going to let the next race season slip by without experiencing the Rev3 Quality!   I'm so excited about the 2014 race schedule:

So what races are you going to do in 2014??  Mexico baby?!?!?!?!

Sunday, January 27, 2013

In Good Company

This weekend was the Team Rev3 Summit in Boulder, Colorado.  Boulder is like the mecca for Triathlon training and there are many pros who live there full time for the optimal training conditions (you can see why!).   

However, most people who know me, know I barely know who any of those folks are...  I was first attracted to the sport of triathlon because of the challenge, and then fell in love with the sport because of the camaraderie of the every day amateur athletes.  So it's pretty crazy that Revolution 3 selected me to join the Team Rev3 age group racing team in 2012. 

Now don't get me wrong, this is no average group of amateur athletes-- most of my fellow teammates are total studs, like Tara MartineMaggie Rusch, Lauren Bogenberger and Joshua Stevens, (to name just a few).  Each of whom are always at the top of their age group and could easily become professionals.  Then there are those folks that are not only the top of their age group, but also immersed in the sport through their work, like Ryan Oilar (Tri coach, Sports Psychologist), Tim Andrus (Swim Coach, Tri Blogger Extraordinaire), and Elizabeth Kaplanis (Tri coach).  How am I possibly worthy to be in this group?  

Well, anyway, I'm in very good company!!!

Looking forward to starting my 2013 race training and hitting the Revolution 3 race series, so many to chose from- Knoxville (TN), Williamsburg (VA), Wisconsin Dells, Cedar Point (OH) and Branson (MO)!  Which ones will I see my tri-friends at this next race seasons?  If you've never experienced a Rev3 race, what are you waiting for?    

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Behind the Scenes

This past weekend I worked at the inaugural Rev3 Wisconsin Dells Triathlon.  Logistically, it would have made sense to race this race (since it was practically in my backyard), but instead, I decided this would be the race I would work; to give back to the organization I am so proud to represent. I have raced at two Rev3 races- Costa Rica & Portland.  Costa Rica was an AWESOME two-day race and one of the most spectacular experiences of my life.  Portland was a Sunday race and allowed me to experience Rev3 in all of its awesomeness (Costa Rica had fewer of the typical Rev3 bells and whistles, as that would be cost prohibitive to put on the event).

Rev3 prides itself on being an athlete-centric, family friendly race organization.  As an athlete, I have experienced this first hand.  At a Rev3 race you can expect to find an expertly organized venue and race,  staff and volunteers who go above and beyond and- most importantly- an event that the focuses on a FUN experience for the athlete, family and spectators!  This was just as true in Central America as it was in Portland.  This weekend I experienced how Revolution 3 makes this happen and it was an INCREDIBLE experience.

I arrived on Thursday around 6pm to find much of the expo area set up.  I was quickly put to work in the Retail Store (probably not the best place for me as I tended to hang one/buy one! Oh well, there is no such thing as too much Rev3, Blue Seventy, Swiftwick, Pearl Izumi gear, right?!).  Day one ended early because of all the local support, at about 8:00 p.m.  We were treated with an awesome dinner at a local pizza joint.

Day two, Friday- 7am - 9pm.  Expo opened Friday afternoon so everything had to be ready to go- race packets, timing chips, all vendors in place, etc. The expo ended at 7:00 p.m. the work crew had dinner and finished setting up transition and getting the timing equipment ready by around 10pm.  Everyone works really hard, but the camaraderie was awesome.  It's so obvious that everyone love Rev3. 

Day three, Saturday- 7am - 10pm (some folks til 2:00am!)   Expo is open and athletes are pouring in. Lots of pro's turn out for Rev3 events, not only because they are so well organized, but they have one of the most generous prize purses out there.  The mandatory athlete meeting followed a pro-panel, which gave AG athletes an opportunity to ask pros about race strategy, balancing family and training, etc.  Again, way more than the typical mandatory course talk.  Most of us were able to go home early (though 10pm is hardly early), as race day check-in is as 4:45 a.m.  However, there were at least four of the work crew out on the lake setting up buoys until 2:00am. This had to be done after 10pm because the lake where the swim took place hosts an evening ski-show (Tommy Bartlett's).

Sunrise Race Day Morning
RACE DAY! Day four, Sunday- 4:45am - 11:30pm (some folks til 1am!).  My main job was in timing, but if you're working you are expected to help out in every area, whenever and where ever needed.  I ended up in transition after a few hours to help manage the athletes still racing and those coming to check their bikes out; which is often quite hectic but very important, as people spend a small fortune on their bikes!  After transition was cleared we started breaking things down and loading up the semi.  This was the beginning of race day part 2!  Upon returning to Expo the last racer was coming around the bend.  The announcer called everyone to the finish line - workers, volunteers, racers, and family, EVERYONE, went to cheer on the final racer.  I was so touched by this mandate to stop what you are doing and show the Rev3 love to this athlete! Many hours followed this final finish to break down the expo and clean up.  At the end of this nearly 19 hour day the crew was still happy and smiling and better for the experience.
Crazy spectators at Swim Start!

Participating in this way has truly changed the way I look at this sport.  We, as athletes, spend so much time (& money) training and preparing to race that it is easy to overlook what happens behind the scenes to create a successful race event.  In the past I have tried to remind myself to thank the race staff/volunteers for helping; in the future I won't have to.  Thank you Revolution 3 for allowing me to be a part of your organization.

Here is an excellent video recapping the AG race!


Friday, July 13, 2012

Infinite Patience Brings Immediate Results

So last month I wrote about needing to be patient with my training, particularly my swimming.  Tonight I went over my last 3 races results (Costa Rica, Olympic, March 17, 2012; Galena, Sprint, May 19, 2012; and Portland, OR, July 8, 2012).  Looking over these results has reminded me of one of my favorite Wayne Dyer quotes "Infinite patience brings immediate results".  I'm hardly a patient person, quite the opposite, so this is an aha moment for me.  While every race is different due to a number of factors, I am definitely improving.  Best of all, I love my team and had a great time in Portland.   


Thursday, June 28, 2012


It has been way too long since my last blog, but I felt compelled to write a quick post. 

I have REALLY been struggling with my swimming.  I first learned to swim in 2010 and literally had to start from scratch.  I was taught the total immersion method, which was a good beginning, but unfortunately TI does not teach a person how to be an endurance swimmer (IMHO). 

I've been suffering through weekly sessions with Monika Chiappetta and Open Water Swims at Lake in the Hills (every Wednesday, 6pm, followed by a 5k run- check it out-  To cheer me up, my good friend and tri-spiration, Jamie Van Vuren forwarded me an email which really helped reframe my thinking (again).  The email was sent to her by Jenny Harrison, a phenomenal tri-coach who also happens to live locally and runs our weekly OWS.  In the email Jenny talks about one of her athletes who has made serious improvements on her running and related that in her experience it takes an adult triathlete 5 years to reach his or her potential.  Even though I've told myself countless times to be patient, and my swim coach has done the same, it's nice to hear from someone who has been coaching athletes for many years that it takes time. 

Last night I wanted to give up and was filled with thoughts of self-doubt.  Today I have decided to acknowledge that I am still in pre-school in terms of my development in triathlon and to keep plugging away at it.   

Monday, February 27, 2012

For a Good Cause!

My rock-star teammate Laura Mount raised $1,000 in 1 weekend for the Ulman Cancer Fund.  I told her I'd join her in posting a picture of myself in a bikini if she made her goal (who would have thought she'd reach her goal?  Probably everyone that knows her!).

So here it is...

(Post script- I removed the photo because I didn't like that it came up in a google search for "Holly Fraccaro".  Though- in my opinion, it was a tasteful photo in a Rev3 race bikini- I didn't want to lose a job opportunity if an employer googled me and didn't research why a picture of me in a bikini comes up as a result)

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Finding Balance

I set a goal to blog once a month, and now I'm 13  14  15 days behind.  I have also been working on finding more balance in my life.  What I am learning is that sometimes you just can't do it all and that giving some things up is part of finding balance.  I've also learned that I am not just going to all of a sudden FIND BALANCE.  I am going to CREATE it- by being realistic about what I want and need in my life (I want to work out and train, I need to finish these proposals/I want to feel strong and healthy, I need to rest and recover, etc. etc.).  This includes being mindful about what my spouse, family, employees and employer want and need...        

So, right now, I need to finish some crucial work assignments and then I can get my next blog up.  And I'm excited about this next blog because it's going to be all about my Virtual Race Across America team and what we are going to be doing to help REV3 exceed our goal of raising $100,000 for the Ulman Cancer Fund!