Sunday, January 27, 2013

In Good Company

This weekend was the Team Rev3 Summit in Boulder, Colorado.  Boulder is like the mecca for Triathlon training and there are many pros who live there full time for the optimal training conditions (you can see why!).   

However, most people who know me, know I barely know who any of those folks are...  I was first attracted to the sport of triathlon because of the challenge, and then fell in love with the sport because of the camaraderie of the every day amateur athletes.  So it's pretty crazy that Revolution 3 selected me to join the Team Rev3 age group racing team in 2012. 

Now don't get me wrong, this is no average group of amateur athletes-- most of my fellow teammates are total studs, like Tara MartineMaggie Rusch, Lauren Bogenberger and Joshua Stevens, (to name just a few).  Each of whom are always at the top of their age group and could easily become professionals.  Then there are those folks that are not only the top of their age group, but also immersed in the sport through their work, like Ryan Oilar (Tri coach, Sports Psychologist), Tim Andrus (Swim Coach, Tri Blogger Extraordinaire), and Elizabeth Kaplanis (Tri coach).  How am I possibly worthy to be in this group?  

Well, anyway, I'm in very good company!!!

Looking forward to starting my 2013 race training and hitting the Revolution 3 race series, so many to chose from- Knoxville (TN), Williamsburg (VA), Wisconsin Dells, Cedar Point (OH) and Branson (MO)!  Which ones will I see my tri-friends at this next race seasons?  If you've never experienced a Rev3 race, what are you waiting for?    


  1. I know - the race series keeps on growing and it is fantastic! Glad you had a great time in Colorado (uber Jealous!) and can't wait to see you at a race this year!

  2. So great to talk to you this weekend!! Can't wait for 2013!

  3. I had so much fun with you and the crew this weekend!! See you at Knox!

  4. Great finally meeting you this weekend Holly!

  5. getting to chat with you a bit more was certainly a highlight of the weekend! You are awesome and definitely a wonderful part of the Rev3 Family!! xo

  6. I kept watching the reports roll in about that weekend. So jealous I am not part of this team. Amazing group of people.